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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

pjo welcome to the forum.

You should listen to Manassa. Only he and I have seen all the Marvelous one's taped fights while you only have access to Espn big fights-Mugabi, Leonard and so on.

I'm not as old as you but even so, I really was watching Hagler in his prime after winning the championship. I remember his reputation at the time and can say he was as anonymous as any CBS sports Saturday fighter out there except that he held a title.

I see this as a one way whipping for Hagler. Bernard is fortunate he wasn't around in Hagler's day as was the case when Roy jumped from 160 to 168. He would have found the step up in class much too advanced for him.

As you can see from the above photos, Hopkins was an inferior version of Hagler. That is to say, as a physical specimen, Hagler was more refined physically and also the superior genes for warfare. Hopkins was tough but not as tough as Hagler. Hopkins was durable-more than durable when it came down to his opposition but is not in the super-elite class that Hagler is.

Only in the category of stamina did Hopkins come close to Marvin in prowess. Hopkins was workman-like in his style as described or blue collar, while Marvin was far, far more.

Marvin didn't have the burden of better than average talent (power, speed, mobility, so on) as was the case with Hopkins.

Bernard couldn't take out Roy.

He hit him enuff downstairs and upstairs. Roy was never in trouble and never so much as staggered. And it took him 600 blows or so to bring down a smaller and weaker Tito Trinidad. He should have taken him out sooner but he was taken the limit-almost to the very end. If that's the best he could, do forget it!!

Bernard was used to fighting boys but not men in the ring. I have to ask you, what if Hopkins had a real opponent on his hands? A demanding opponent who could lay you out with either hand? Say an opponent like Roldan?

I think Roldan would have knocked him out the night he went in with Hagler because the fact he was so determined, well prepared, and powerful. What would really cost X is his inability to bang. I hate to say this, but as tough as he is, he'd be no match for Roldan when he fought Hagler.

As for MMH, Hagler's footwork alone would have baffled X and X would not be able to execute with Hagler's ramrod jab spearing him, busting him up. There's no way Hopkins is getting past Hagler's jab. Remember, Hagler was able to move much more effortlessly in the ring than Hopkins.

So if Hagler wanted to he would tame X on the outside and even on the inside, Hagler wins.

X would have to get inside and work Hagler because he'd find that's his only shot--unless he wanted another Roy Jones situation on his hands where he falls behind on the scorecards.

Pjo, if you could look on all the Hagler fights you don't have, pressing a young Hagler is too dangerous (there is no way Hopkins takes more than a few minutes of that right hook). Sensing that Hopkins is fading, Hagler goes on the offensive like he did with Obel and Sibson and launches an all out assault, becoming the first man to knock out Hopkins (he does so with surprisingly little effort)

He's just on a whole other level
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