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Default Re: Greater Resume: Lewis or Holmes?

Originally Posted by Doppleganger
Speed debatable. Agility debatable. When it comes to the jab I think this is debatable too. Heart is debatable. Larry did have the better chin and recuparative powers though but Lennox never got the breaks in the McCall I fight that Larry got against Shavers and Snipes. Both ATGs of course but Holmes did squeak by Witherspoon and was beaten twice by Michael Spinx, something that I wouldnt ever see happening with Lewis even on a sloppy day. Lewis has those 2 early losses of course which although avenged do show a certain vulnerability. If they ever fought it would be a pick 'em fight as I see both as very nearly the toughest match-up for each other.

Anyway, Lewis still has the better resume. Although he fought Holyfield and Tyson later than was desired, the only real major contender he never fought and beat was of course Rid**** Bowe. And perhaps Witherspoon if we are being picky.
Speed, not debatable, unless you are talking about the Holmes from the Tyson fight and after. Agility, again, not debatable, Holmes could get on his bike and get around like Ali did at times, Lewis couldn't. Jab, not even close. Larry KO'd a guy with a jab, and he knocked Ocasio down with one. Also, his jab was a stinging dart that most guys didn't see coming, or did, just it was too late. Heart, again, not debateable. Larry never gave a reason to stop a fight. If he was knocked down, he would get up swinging and slugging. Except against Shaver, but he got on his bike and stuck his jab in Shavers face until his head was cleared. Larry lost in a very disputed decision in the rematch with Spinks, and in the first fight, Ive heard mixed results. IMO Larry won it by about a round. Yeah, Witherspoon gave Larry some trouble, but Mercer gave Lewis a lot of trouble, and a 42 year old Holmes beat Mercer convincingly.
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