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Default Re: Sizing up Wladimir Klitschko-Alexander Povetkin

Originally Posted by Tiger Michalczewski#1
yes povetkin is a bad style match up for wlad, but the fighter makes the style. Povetkin is the fastest rising heavyweight(not even Tyson was so quickly matched against the level of opposition hes faced) I can think of and he has great amateur pedigree (olympic gold medal) and serious toughness (was the world kick boxing champion). His chin is solid and hes a pressure fighter so if he takes klitschko to the later rounds he can make the water very deep for the giant Ukrianian.
i agree. his only chance is to take wlad late but i dont think he can make it there. chambers was blasting him backwards with right hands. povetkin wasn't hurt but he sure was stunned a couple of times. i would say his chin is above average similar to brock. he can take a few of wlad's right hands but not many. certainly not the amount he took from chambers. 61% connect on power shots for chambers. now consider, wlad has a faster 1-2 combination......

unless he vastly improves his head and lateral foot movement, he will stopped mid-rounds. he's just too hittable. klit's jab is gonna dominate this fight.

it's one thing to take those shots from a small hw like chambers, who is a sharp but far from powerful puncher, and another to take bombs from a monster like wlad.

Originally Posted by Mendoza
The draw back is Povetkin is only a solid puncher. He can win like Brewster did, but its likley going to happen a bit later, and only if he weather the strom in the ealry to mid rounds.

I favor Wlad, but make Povetkin a like underdog.
yeah its probably a bad strategy to let someone kick the **** out of u and hope he collapses from exhaustion. but seriously, that may be his only chance or hope wlad is so tentative he can outwork him. wlad should be a huge favorite though.

Originally Posted by boxexpert
this would be too early for povetkin. he need at least 8 more fights until he faces vladimir. after that, that matchup would make sense
8 fights? wait til wlad declines. not a bad strategy. it's a moot point though. the fight is coming off in october/november.
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