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Default Tyson v Ruddock 1 - a fair stoppage?

Thanks to the wonderful invention that is youtube, I finally got to see the one of very few Tyson fights I have not yet seen.

If one remembers, this stoppage by Richard Steele was seen as very controversial, and for years afterward Steele had to endure catcalls of "Stop the fight Richard!"
Having read pages and pages of peoples' opinions over the years, my verdict is that the stoppage was premature.

Tyson hit Ruddock with a left hook which wobbled him, and a right, a left and another right (all of which were not well-timed and were grazing) had Donovan reeling into the ropes. At that point Steele, not even bothering to look at Ruddock, stops Tyson in his tracks and waves it off.
My gut feeling is that Ruddock was finished at that point, but surely he should have been given the benefit of the doubt here? I mean, a man does have the right to try and defend himself surely? As a matter of fact, Tyson should have been given the chance to end the fight convincingly, no?

What are your feelings on the matter?
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