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Default Re: Tyson v Ruddock 1 - a fair stoppage?

Agree with the above posters, pretty poor stoppage. Despite saying that Razor didn't really show enough that he was fighting back/defending himself, though. I don't think Ruddock seemed to be too hurt at the time the fight was stopped. Would Ruddock have weathered the storm had he been allowed to continue? I suppose unless you let him do so you'll never know. Personally I would have given him that chance, though I'm sure Stelle took his decision on safety ground.

Ironically I watched the rematch for the first time in ages last night. It was a very goog slug-fest that fight, high octane stuff. Tyson won the early rounds and Ruddock didn't start that well, he seemed on the edge of defeat a few times when Tyson knocked him down in the second fourth, but Mike just failed to find the shots to finish it.

The fight became alot more even entering the mid-rounds, Ruddock gained a foothold was alot more successful with his jab, catching Tyson clean on more than a few occasions with hooks and disrupting his rythmn. What impressed me most was Tysons chin, some of the shots we walked through were chilling. The low blow decuctions certainly made thing interesting and depite being floored again Razor fought on gamely to the end. This fight proved two things: the resiliance of Tyson chin and Ruddocks heart.

How did you score the rematch?
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