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Default Re: andy raymond the worst commentator on television

Originally Posted by sallywinder
its a disgrace that this bloke is given a job on tele. firstly, he has NO TALENT. NO WIT. NO KNOWLEDGE OF BOXING. he comes out with stupid statements, cant pick when a fighter is hurt, (last night) has no knowledge of boxing or boxing tactics, and seeks to sensationalise the mediocre. "he just tried to wipe his nose off his face", he screamed about a wild swing....

is he giving tv execs blow jobs? surely they dont pay HIM to be on tele??

its an insult to boxing, the boxing public, and boxers, that this bloke is allowed to commentate on tv. i'll be turning down the volume next time he is on , so i dont have to listen to his brain dead, unimaginative, uneducated, DRIBBLE.
No mate THEY ALL SUCK They are all bias fools who can't call a fight for the life of them. They only call the shots from the fighters they want to win and the king of all this is BARRY MICHAEL the biggest clown in boxing history.

Truly they all suck there is not one good caller of boxing out there anymore, Maybe only Hussien who seems to go ok when he calls the fights but as for the rest get rid of the whole damn lot of them they all are shocking and have no idea how to call a fight.

Bloody Jason Dunstill A AFL FOOTBALLER is better which just shows how sad Aussie boxing has become
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