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Default Re: andy raymond the worst commentator on television

Originally Posted by sallywinder
westside. tell me a comentator he is BETTER than??? you cant, cause he isnt. hes piss poor, ignorant, biased, sensationalistic, and you are licking his asshole.

having an opinion of the journalistic performance of a 'high profile' boxing commentator doesnt make it personal. you are the one whose made it personal by wrongly suggesting my huge, thick, long, hard, ready, penis is minute.

if i close my eyes and you pretend you are female, (you probably have man boobs anyway) you are welcome to come and give yourself some stitches in your arse with it. no doubt youve done something simmilar before. i recon your ass already looks like a bad sewing lesson from previous surgeries.
Interesting comment.

I turned off the comentary midway through because I thought they were only giving one perspective of the fight AND THAT PISSES ME OFF. It's my main issue with Main Event/HBO because they're always calling the fight with little objectivity. It's not hard to work out who's promoted by who.

As for you anal *** comments....well I never could work out if you were a bloke or a bitch. Strange that we were on a similar page as I decided it wouldn't matter what *** you were if I grabbed you by the hair and arse raped you.

Is it true it only hurts the first time? Princess IrnBruSlut said something about shit and blood making a good lube mixture.
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