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Default Re: George Foreman(1991) vs. Rid**** Bowe(1992)

Originally Posted by Duodenum
I think George would jab his way to a decision win in this one. Bowe was really a big infighter. Foreman wouldn't have allowed him inside. George repeatedly shoved steroid inflated Tommy Morrison to the outside like a rag doll. George's jab connected more often than not, at this stage of his career, and Bowe was a huge target.

Not only would Foreman have been stronger physically, but he would have been the shorter man in this one, with the lower center of gravity. Against ****ey, he showed he could be perfectly comfortable filling this unusual role. His cross armed defense would have afforded him more protection than usual. Bowe would be in an unfamiliar position of being forced to give ground.

Most of the excitement in this one would have been over the potential for an abrupt ending at any time, but at the end, it would have been a fairly pedantic points win for the lumbering oldster, moving incessantly forward behind his reincarnated jab.
Old Foreman outjabbing Bowe? He was Holyfield's punching bag for 10 out of 12 rounds, how is he going to beat Bowe who handled the same Holyfield comfortably?

Old Foreman cannot hang with the big boys of the 90's.. Lewis, Tyson, Holyfield and Bowe. He basically went 50/50 with fringe contenders. I think Bowe is not as good as many people make him out to be, but in my opinion he's certainly good enough to beat an old, slow Foreman.

I know you think very low of any 12 round fighter, but i suggest you watch film of Bowe in 1992 and Foreman in 1991 AND realise that Foreman never fought 15 rounds!

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