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Default Re: andy raymond the worst commentator on television

Originally Posted by sallywinder
westside. tell me a comentator he is BETTER than??? you cant, cause he isnt. hes **** poor, ignorant, biased, sensationalistic, and you are licking his asshole.

having an opinion of the journalistic performance of a 'high profile' boxing commentator doesnt make it personal. you are the one whose made it personal by wrongly suggesting my huge, thick, long, hard, ready, ***** is minute.

if i close my eyes and you pretend you are female, (you probably have man ****s anyway) you are welcome to come and give yourself some stitches in your **** with it. no doubt youve done something simmilar before. i recon your ass already looks like a bad sewing lesson from previous surgeries.
youve had a bit of a dig at people i know n ive reacted.

meh who cares.
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