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Default Re: I told you guys that Pac will fight Mayweather ...

Originally Posted by fitzgeraldz
Did I ask you before well before this fight happened about a possible fight between Pac and PBF? ... yes or no?

I think thats weak as hell for you to post this when I had discussed this with you before ... and you know about my PBF v Pacquiao thread weeks before the fight.
Yes I do remember the thread as well as you asking me if I thought the fight would happen or not and it was way before this fight.. Then I said I didn't think a fight would happen between them and thats what I still think.. No need to call me weak, but I think you might've missunderstood me.. I was just agreeing with him because I do remember back around the time I joined, you were all hyped up on Valero, but I never did say you never said anything about a fight happening between Pacquiao & Floyd.. I just don't see Mayweather coming out of retirement to fight Pacquiao, even if there is a shit load of money involved.. The only way I see Mayweather coming back is to fight Cotto if Cotto was to happen to fight DLH and beat him..
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