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Default Re: I told you guys that Pac will fight Mayweather ...

Originally Posted by Sandmanl337
Yes I do remember the thread as well as you asking me if I thought the fight would happen or not and it was way before this fight.. Then I said I didn't think a fight would happen between them and thats what I still think.. No need to call me weak, but I think you might've missunderstood me.. I was just agreeing with him because I do remember back around the time I joined, you were all hyped up on Valero, but I never did say you never said anything about a fight happening between Pacquiao & Floyd.. I just don't see Mayweather coming out of retirement to fight Pacquiao, even if there is a **** load of money involved.. The only way I see Mayweather coming back is to fight Cotto if Cotto was to happen to fight DLH and beat him..
My fault sandman ...

Don't underestimate the power of the dollar ... money motivates "money" May and he will come out of retirement for a nice 30m ... against someone he hasn't fought before --
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