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Default Re: Tyson v Ruddock 1 - a fair stoppage?

Originally Posted by MR KOOL
Watch the entire fight Razor Ruddock was not getting his assed kicked, the round before the stoppage was his strongest round. Mike Tyson by no means was totally dominating him. Razor Ruddock did not go down, he should have been given a standing 8 count, the fight should not of been stopped.
I did see the entire fight. Like I said, in an attempt to avoid giving Tyson too much credit - people give Ruddock too much credit. Round 6 was a good one for Razor - he did stun Tyson. That was the best he could do. Most of the fight was a one sided beating though and for this reason alone people don't count the Ruddock fights as an example where Tyson overcame adversity and fought back well when hit hard. That fight was not close - it was competitive but not close - Tyson was winning handily and would have have continued to do so if not get the KO in round 7.
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