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Default Re: Tyson v Ruddock 1 - a fair stoppage?

Richard had to make a call.

Looking back Razor had been in similar trouble and come back to make Mike question his own heart, In the instance of which we speak Steele saw Tyson land flush on several occasions and Razor sagged lifelessly for a breif moment before straightening himself up, by then Steele had waved it off..

If you can't convince to the referee that you are fine then there are grounds for a stoppage.. But in hindsight even Steele would probably say it could have gone a little longer..

Richard was a compassionate referee, and i beleive he thought Ruddock was in grave danger.. Maybee if it had gone on a few minutes longer Tyson may have slammed him over or even out.. Its a great debate..

The rematch was a good little fight though....
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