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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

The main reason that I am taking Hopkins, is the pride issue. Hagler's pride is what would defeat him here. Hagler can't stand being thought of as a loser. He hates Leonard to this day for winning against him. Judges scored it for Leonard, but Hagler hates Leonard for the judges giving him the verdict.

Hagler was as tough as they come, but is touchy in how he is percieved.

I believe the winner of this fight is going to be the one doing the boxing. Which ever comes forward, is losing this one. Hagler could outbox Bernard, in my opinion. It would be a difficult task, but one I think he was capable of. The problem for Hagler is that Bernard would also find this out while they are fighting. Bernard adapts very well, and does not care if the crowd starts booing. If Bernard was getting beat coming forward, don't you know that he would stop? He would not care if the fight became boring. He would assume the role of the passive fighter until Hagler took the bait. If you know Hagler, you know he would take the bait. Let the fans start booing the fight, and he is going to try to stop them. That is when he loses. Hopkins would counter well, use his reach, and use his one-two.

Hopkins by close decision after throwing away rounds baiting Hagler, plus the rounds he loses narrowly by trying to pressure Hagler.
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