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Default Re: Greater Resume: Lewis or Holmes?

Originally Posted by Bill1234
You seem to forget that 2 men in their 40's and lasted, and beat most of the guys of the 90's.
Beat most of the guys of the 90's? That's a strong claim.
Let's have a look.
The 12 best fighters of the 90's: (in no order)

Holmes or Foreman (roughly equal i think)

You say they beat most of the best guys of 90's. Of this list, they only beat Mercer. That's a grand total of 2 out of the 12 best. How is that "most of the guys in the 90's"?

Both of them went 12 rounds with Holyfield, each picking up about 4 rounds in the process.
That fact that they lasted the distance was impressive, especially in Foremans case because Holyfield was beating him up badly. They won at best 3 rounds a piece. So what? 3 rounds out of 12 is nothing. It's being dominated, unless the other rounds were close, but they were not.

Larry went 12 rounds with McCall, only losing by 1 point on 2 scorecards, he beat Mercer convincingly, he beat Jesse Ferguson, he lost a controversial decision to "Dane" Brian Neilson in Denmark. Foreman went on to win the title by a come from behind KO, and lost it in a controversial decision. Most of the guys they beat/gave good fights, gave Lewis hell. Like Mercer.
Holyfield, who gave Holmes & Foreman a little more than a 'good fight' didn't give Lewis that much hell though. Not in the ring, anyway.

They did extremely well for their age, but let's be honest here. Both had one good win and outside of that, they lost when they stepped up or struggled with mediocre opposition.
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