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Default Re: McCall vs. Holmes...?

I think the win for McCall and scoring were fair.

Holmes dominated the early rounds with his jab, looking sharp while McCall had his usual slow start. But McCall's iron chin and superior stamina meant he was able to outlast Holmes, same thing that happened in most of Ollie's big wins. He landed enough shots over the second half of the fight to win against a rapidly-tiring Holmes, and I think it was a big attack around the 9th round in particular that seemed to really let the air out of Holmes's tyres (so to speak).

I haven't seen it seen the original showing though, back in '95.
But that's what I remember of it. McCall Bruno was pretty similar, except Bruno was able to get more rounds in the bank than Holmes early on, so the McCall comeback in the second half came too late.

Really though, most credit to a 45-year-old Holmes for competing well and hanging in there. Against a fighter without the same chin and stamina, he would've won.

By the time he was fighting Nielsen in '97 though, I really thought he looked gone.
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