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Default Re: Joe Frazier in some interviews

Were Dundee, Pacheco, or Bundini ever quoted as stating that Ali said he wanted to quit before round 15 in Manila? At the end of round 14, Ali was actually knocking Frazier backwards with his punches. If there had been a round 15, Ali would have likely avenged Joe's knockdown of him in the FOTC, and forced Carlos Padilla to stop the contest long before those three minutes were up.

Ali wanted to quit in the first match with Liston, when his eyes were blinded (supposedly by Monsel's solution), but Dundee washed them out, reminded Ali, "This is for the big one Daddy-O!," and swatted Muhammad on the can as he got off his stool for the following round. I think Ali was simply embellishing the legend of Manila by claiming that he was ready to quit himself. They knew they had that match won, and Ali had already driven himself to a 15 round kayo win over Wepner earlier in the year, so he certainly had the capacity to do it again (as he nearly did yet another time to Earnie Shavers later). Ali is the definitive 15 round HW champion in boxing history.
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