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Default Re: Joe Frazier in some interviews

Originally Posted by My dinner with Conteh
Ali quit? He didn't even want to quit after round 10 of the Holmes fight. Just more sensationalism from the Ali camp- just like the broken jaw probably happened after the second round. The Ali legend makes for good tales and ripping yarns.
The heat in Manila was a factor, and the pace was brutal. I'm sure he didn't feel the need to quit against Holmes. He could lay on the ropes getting smacked in the head all night, that's the way he was in those years. He was exerting any effort, just getting his brain pummelled. He'd practiced the same thing in sparring.

Yeah, you might be right, maybe everyone is making it up. It becomes part of the story, and the people who were there start believing they saw it/heard it themselves.
Apparently years after the Dempsey-Firpo fight there were dozens of reporters who swore blind Dempsey fell on top of their typewriter. Some of them probably weren't even in the stadium.
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