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Default Re: Joe Frazier in some interviews

Originally Posted by Duodenum
Were Dundee, Pacheco, or Bundini ever quoted as stating that Ali said he wanted to quit before round 15 in Manila?
Wali Muhammad (aka Walter Youngblood) was in the Ali corner and he says, in Thomas Hauser's book on Ali, :

"After the fourteenth round, Ali came back to the corner and told us, "Cut 'em off". That's how tired he was. He wanted us to cut his gloves off. And Angelo ignored him. He started wiping Ali's face, getting him ready for the fifteenth round. We sponged him down, and I gave him a drink of sweetened water, honey and water, from a bottle I'd made up. I dont know if he'd have gone out for the last round or not. Ali's not a quitter, he'd never quit. But I'd never seen him exhausted like that before."

Pacheco says Ali was not going to quit, here in this interesting documentary of the fight :

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