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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

Originally Posted by Cojimar 1945
I should think Hopkins would be heavily favored over Roldan.
Hopkins probably be favored but he wouldn't win. Hopkins couldn't put the power on him whereas Roldan was heavy handed with the left and the right. That's the knock on Bernard. He's a good technical fighter with adequate strength and stamina but lacks a real punch and he can't beat the elite fighters.

Put him in with a Roy Jones, a Marvin Hagler, or Monzon and he comes up a loser every time.

With Roldan, No way Hopkins is taking 12 rounds or even 10 rounds of hard knocks. he'd have hell trying to catch his head and wouldn't avoid Roldan's punches that come up at you. Most fighters train to and can avoid punches that come over the top but not from underneath.

If you saw Roldan in the Hagler fight you can plainly see Roldan holds advantages over Hopkins that count-stamina, strength, power in both hands, head movement and Bernard would never be able to hurt him.

So how would he slow his attack? He wouldn't. He'd be helpless while Roldan punched holes in him. The besthe could do is survive while Roldan grids him to a fine powder.

As for beating hopkins beating Hagler forget the **** you see about pride being Hagler's downfall. Had Marvin been that easy to beat he would have lost long before the leonard fight-several times over. Hopkins was just cut from a lesser stock.

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