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Default Re: Anyone ever see Fulmer/Paret?

Paret was reportedly exhibiting behavioural personality changes after the beating from Fullmer. Still, Benny had produced his finest performance of the trilogy with Griff up to his devastating left hook knockdown of Emile. What would have happened to Paret, if Griff hadn't gotten up from Benny's bomb, or if Goldstein had stopped the match and awarded it to Paret after Emile beat the count in round six?

I posit that the fatal blow was the first right hand which Griffith stunned Benny with, and that Paret was living on borrowed time after the Fullmer match. (Somehow lost in all the controversy over the tragic outcome of Griffith/Paret III is the fact that Fullmer's kayo win over Benny was his final career victory. Gene's next fight was several months after Benny's passing, and he lost his MW Title to **** Tiger. I've wondered how much the Paret tragedy affected Gene, a devout Mormon.) If Goldstein had awarded Paret a sixth round TKO win, Benny would have probably wound up as he did anyway, at the hands of somebody else. Griff was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.)

Considering how seriously stunned Paret had Griffith in that sixth round, the ferocity of Emile's attack is easy to understand. It wasn't anger I detected, but desperation on Griff's part. To me, it was a reflection of how badly hurt Benny had him in that sixth round.

As for Ruby Goldstein, I simply cannot fathom how he got inducted into the IBHOF as a referee. He collapsed in the heat of the Maxim/Robinson match (ridiculous for a former world class boxer to succumb like that) before Robby himself did, he let Ingo whack a defenseless Floyd Patterson on the head after Johansson scored the first knockdown in their intial match, and then allowed Ingo to batter Floyd to the deck five more times before finally stopping the slaughter, then he simply froze up at the suddeness of Griffith's attack. Regarding Ruby Goldstein, the wonder to me is that he hadn't presided over a ring fatality before Griffith/Paret III.

Make no mistake about it though, Paret's manager, Manuel Alfaro, was exploitative scum. Benny also bears some responsibility for his fate. A boxer is not supposed to get hit, yet Paret demonstrated his machismo by taking two punches to land one. (Maybe if Benny had been less of a "man" in his style of fighting, as he derided Griffith for being, then he might have survived his boxing career as Emile did.)
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