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Default Re: Joe Calzaghe would be more likely to beat Samuel Peter than Sugar Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by China_hand_Joe
There is absolutely nothing the record
Well his record shows him beating many good MW's, which is a start.

or the video evidence of SRR to suggest he stands a chance against Joe Calzaghe
Silly thing to say. SRR shows himself to be a puncher at MW with very quick hands, feet, every punch in the book.

Cazlaghe footage shows a strong, fast,
Slower in both hand and foot than Sugar though.

skilled fighter
Less skilled than Sugar.

who isn't going to lose to a Welterweight (Robinsons optimum weight), no matter how good that Welterweight is -fullstop-
I'm pretty sure you know that Sugar fought at middle. He'd probably be weighing 163 for a Calzaghe fight, if you're interested.
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