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Default Re: Anyone ever have "one of those days"?

Originally Posted by cardstars
So I did cardio for an hour to start off my week on monday. Then tuesday I did weight training after 1/2 hour of shadow boxing. Wednesday I did sit ups and ab work after a little heavy and speed bag. Nothing extremely intense for me in there. Obviously I got good workouts but I never feel that I over-did anything. But then all of a sudden on thursday I am just extremely tired and feel like I hit a wall. I got plenty of sleep every day too. I figure this is my body telling me it needs recovery time, but three days in a row of working out is not "over-doing" it. I just started doing boxing oriented workouts about a month ago since im interested in learning the sweet science, and was curious if any of you guys ever just seem to hit a wall and get really tired for a day like I apparently did...?
its called working your ass off in the gym keep it up, use that time there when you get dog tired to dig deep and keep going that is what will make a difference when you spar and fight keep up the good work and do not be affriad to push yourself to the limit
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