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Default Re: Mavin Hagler Eats Bernard Hopkins

Marvin Hagler is the greater fighter of the two. Hopkins talks a good fight about war and knocking people out but he isn't really about it. When Hagler talked about knocking someone out and going to war he went to war not throwing a punch come with headbutt grab etc. Hagler defeated better fighters no doubt. Thomas "Hitman" Hearns is a much better win that Trinidad. Hearns was p4p better than Tito and accomplished much more at the higher weights. Roberto Duran is a better win than Oscar. What really gets to me is that the De La Hoya win has done so much for hopkins legacy when in actuality Oscar was **** as a middleweight he arguably lost to sturm and looked like **** in that fight. Where as Duran although not at his prime weight was still a very good middleweight because he was just a master at fighting period. His credibility as an opponent for Hagler grows when you consider 6 years later he beat Iran Barkley for the WBC middleweight title. The two biggest middleweight wins for Hopkins don't compare to Haglers. To say that Hopkins and Hagler's chin and punch resistance is equal or close is again incorrect. Hagler's chin is tested against some of the big punchers of all time Thomas Hearns, Bennie Briscoe, Eugene Hart, John Mugabi all were ranked very high on the Ring 100 Greatest Punchers list. Hopkins chin wasn't tested like Haglers but i do recall him being hurt and dropped by Mercado in there first fight. I'll take Hamsho, Roldan, Antoufermo as greater wins than Echol, Simon Brown, or Roberto Allen. Hagler's resume is better than hopkins and he was the more gifted fighter of the two. Hopkins is a chery picker and i believe he is overrated. He ducked Roy Jones for 60-40 in a fight he was offered 6 million he ducked Jones cause he knew he wouldn't win by saying 50-50 Why did he fight Tito for 30% of the purse and like 3 million dollars cause he knew it was a fight he could win. Hopkins and Toney were gonna fight at a catch weight the fight was cancelled at some last minute cause Hopkins didn't sign he wanted more money i believe he was offered 2/3 million he was going to make as much or more than James but he declined due to some bull by making more demands instead fought Hakker or somebody for like 100,000 . Damn this guy is really the baddest man in boxing. He made 10 million against Oscar but why did he take it oscar was getting 30 if we go by percentages its way less than getitng 6 million for Jones. Again cause he knew he would win and oscar is nothing at middle. He went after Tarver cause he knew that tarver was taking him for granted and the filming for Rocky 6 Tarver was out of shape as he had bulked up to heavy and the weight loss would work in a similar way it did to jones as he lost weight from Ruiz fight to go back to 175 clearly it affected his performance thus he knew Tarver would be easier fight than many expected.

Hopkins deserves credit for his longevity and is a top 5 middleweight of all time i am not totally bias and blind hate but i have strong opinions but i give hopkins credit for something but he isn't in the class of the Monzon's, Hagler, Robinsons.

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