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Default Re: Could ANYONE Have Outboxed Marciano?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
Many could've outboxed him I think. Holmes, Ali, Lewis, prime Charles maybe, maybe Roy Jones, Gene Tunney, someone like a prime Rid**** Bowe, etc. I could probably think of more.

Well Lewis is a massive puncher, and sooner or later it's going to come down to that if he wants to win.

I don't think Jones is a sensible shout...fifteen rounds Sweet Pea, NOT getting hit on that chin?

Gene Tunney is an interesting one, as is peak Charles, but this is one of those things where it would be sensible to pick either of those guys and yet, I wouldn't on the night...I would expect Rocky to catch up with either of these guys as was his habit.

That leaves us with Holmes (50/50 for me) and Ali...Ali would be the one, but I still think it would come to serious violence around 10.
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