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Default Re: ken norton overated or underated?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo
I agree with Sonny's Jab, and I've often said so myself, that people get a bit carried away with calling Norton a " chiny " fighter. George Foreman, Earnie Shavers, and Gerry ****ey are among some of the hardest punchers. What's more, Norton fought two of those guys when he was past his best, while the third had that right combination of power and style to beat him. The fact is, Ken was one of the most best conditioned fighters in the sport's history. He never showed up out of shape. In 42 wins, he had victories over Ali, Quarry, Bobick, Young, Zannon, Cobb, Kirkman, and an avenged loss to Luis Garcia. Some also feel that he was robbed in his final meeting against Ali, and was possibly the toughest fight that a peak Larry Holmes ever had. No, I wouldn't say that he deserves to be rated quite as high as Ali, Frazier, Foreman, or Holmes, but frankly, I suspect that had he fought during some other era's, he might have been a respectable lineal champion.

The original author of this thread, asked what Norton is doing today. I'm not exactly sure myself, but I know that for the last 25 years or so, he's lived a pretty hard life of disability due to a car accident on the Santa Monica freeway during the early 80's. His son Ken Norton Jr. Was a very successful NFL football player during the 90's, and I believe is now retired himself.
Ken Norton must be well looked after if his son was a NLF football player, they earn Millions.
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