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Default Re: Eye pain after sparring

Originally Posted by Diomedes
Last saturday, I had a great training session full of sparring. Got lots of rounds in with a bunch of different guys, and came away with a lot - including two black eyes. The problem is, one of my eyes -the eyeball itself in fact - is giving me trouble - my left, after I took a decent straight right to it. At the time, my vision in that eye was pretty ****ed up actually, but I kept going and it got better a few more rounds in, except today 5 days later, it's still painful to "move" the eyeball. Basically, if I look suddenly in certain directions - particularly down - my eyeball itself feels a fair bit of pain.

I've never taken such a shot quite so precisely *in* the eye before, so I'm not used to it, and basically, I dont know if it's normal or not. Is it just some kind of occular bruising, perhaps the muscles that move the eye were wrenched around, and just need to heal?
I had the EXACT same thing! Have you swelled up around the eye yet? Two hours after the hit it suddenly said "pop!" and water deposits accumulated around my eye. From there on, I bought and put on eyepatches for the next couple of days. It was a bit "sore" to move like you said for a week or two, but it'll pass. I was afraid that my eye was damaged myself, but my eye has gotten perfectly fine again.

So I do not think you have anything to worry about.
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