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Default Re: Could ANYONE Have Outboxed Marciano?

Originally Posted by McGrain
I think i might agree with you.

How do you think Terrell Ali and Frazier I Ali's chances differ v the Rock?
As for Ali Fraizer 1, I belive Marciano has the same shot as Fraizer did. It will be brutal, I think Ali hit harder and had more power in the 70's, because he sat on his shots when Fraizer was comeing in. Marciano would be there banging away though, Head and body of couse. I think Marciano could swarm himself to a victory similer to what Fraizer did, Fraizer had a bit more speed, but I belive Marciano's arkward stance, and angels(Fraizer lack thsos) could confuse Ali for the power to take its toll on Ali.

Not sure on the Ali from the 60's. Terrell was not relly in the class of Ali, Fraizer, or even Marciano. And its always easy to impress vs lower levels of fighters(Ask Roy Jones Jr) I think if George Chovlo could pin Ali on the ropes and give Ali a body beating(Even though Ali may seem like "God", he was peeing blood after the fight)
I like Rocky's chances because he has more power than George. Though Ali would be faster. He was still phone of getting caught on the ropes like Cooper and George has shown.
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