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Default Re: Could ANYONE Have Outboxed Marciano?

Originally Posted by McGrain
Generally I bow to you on this era to the extent where I don't post to question what you say - but these are all later Corbett performances, no? When his stamina could be questioned perhaps?
Question away. I would not pretend to have all the answers, and I love a good discussion.

Originally Posted by McGrain
What about the Jackson/Sullivan guy?

Personally I don't see Rocky stopping Corbett...and i think i'm picking Corbett to outpoint him.
He was hurt against Choynski in his prime, if I recall correctly...certainly had problems with him. KO'd by Fitz and brutalized by Sharkey of course, while both were slightly past their best (these still deserve to be taken into account, I think...just not as definitive). Against Sullivan, he opposed a fighter who had very little stamina to spare, and when he blitzed Mitchell he did it early*. Kilrain was only a 6 round fight. I will admit that the Jackson fight is a very good one to bring up, though.

I'd say that even with the stamina of the Jackson fight, he was still fighting at a comparatively low pace when you look at Marciano. Nobody has that sort of demonic energy, especially if they're about the same size as the Rock, aren't a hard puncher, don't have an exceptional chin, don't prefer inside fighting anyway, and have a style that would tend to get them tied up.

* Interesting sidenote: Corbett used strongman Louis Attila for his expertise in weightlifting as a "personal trainer" for the Mitchell fight. He claimed that the training had given him a stiffer punch than usual, and judging from Mitchell getting flattened I'd have to agree.
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