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Default Re: Could ANYONE Have Outboxed Marciano?

Originally Posted by cross_trainer

He was hurt against Choynski in his prime, if I recall correctly
Very much so! But this was his introduction to the big time. It would certainly be an exaggeration to call him green but it was a step up in class. I think I'm right in saying that Corbett maintained this was his hardest fight even after Sullivan...don't know what happened after that as most of my stuff comes from the Pollack book.

Against Sullivan, he opposed a fighter who had very little stamina to spare,
I like this fight for Corbett, though I'd agree with your observation. What I like about it is how he describes seeing Sullivan try to lower his arms, for a short rest, and that was always when he elected to push the action, when he'd seen a sign of Sullivan's tiredness. It is easier to beat a great fighter when they are short of stamina but I was impressed by how he organised things so perfectly in terms of pressure.

I feel that if Corbett is fighting, many inangibles may favour him - you must add 5% in terms of his chances unless he is in with a very smart general (as opposed to a capable one, which Rocky certainly was).

and when he blitzed Mitchell he did it early*. Kilrain was only a 6 round fight. I will admit that the Jackson fight is a very good one to bring up, though.
Yes; dissapionting that he even made these fights.

I'd say that even with the stamina of the Jackson fight, he was still fighting at a comparatively low pace when you look at Marciano.
It's an intersting one; how does 25 rounds of hard fighting (plus 20 less hard) circa 1891 translate into stamina and energy in a VERY hard fight circa Rocky's era?

You're the man to ask, what do you think?

Nobody has that sort of demonic energy, especially if they're about the same size as the Rock,
You mean Rocky may manhandle Corbett with ease? I personally am not convinced. But it is possible.

aren't a hard puncher,
No powder puff either by the sound of it. As you have indicated, the Kilrain an Mitchell fights were short...those boys may have been passed their best but they certianly needed to be put away.

don't have an exceptional chin,
Nor was it made of glass...I don't think he was there for the taking, put it that way...I'd see him getting dropped by Rocky's bigger shots, the defensive work would be crucial.

don't prefer inside fighting anyway, and have a style that would tend to get them tied up.
He may not have preferred it, but he could do it and as i've said, I like this habit he had of scoring on the way into a clinch.

* Interesting sidenote: Corbett used strongman Louis Attila for his expertise in weightlifting as a "personal trainer" for the Mitchell fight. He claimed that the training had given him a stiffer punch than usual, and judging from Mitchell getting flattened I'd have to agree.

I hadn't hear that, thank you.
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