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Originally Posted by boxerpuncher069
how about you're a ****ing moron! listen here kiddo, what are your measurables, what's your fight experience. You've been on the forum since early this year and posted 2k times plus. to me that means you are proabably not in the gym very much. You said you box for hours every day, you must be tiny and overtraining quite a bit. I can't see how you're not dying from the common cold. I can tell by the way you speak through typing you're an idiot and don't know what you're talking about. think about this, how was mike tyson such a viscous puncher and champ? he was a body builder, no one could think of standing toe to toe with him besides a fellow body builder in evander holyfield. to be the best you have to body build and lift weights period!
lol overtraining? im 170 with 6% bf. 12 reps=hypertrophy which is not what you want for boxing you ****ing idiot. u want maximum power which =s low reps thats what tyson is and i only post at night time u dumbass
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