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Default Re: Who Beats Langford At 160?


Johnson did name Langford as his best oponent in a public interview after he retired. ,Batchelor expressed doubt about this putting forward the argument that jack was excusing himself for avoiding a rematch against the more matured physically stronger Langford

He could of course have been telling the crowd what he thought they wanted to hear.

Johnson threatened Langford with a revolver on one ocasion when Langford ofered to fight him then and there.
Yes I read an article in the Ring ,years ago,some writer stumbled across Johnson spieling in a flea circus,he interviewed him and said ,though he admired Jack as a fighter he couldnt take to him as a man,he found himstrutting and inclined to blow his own trumpet ,he also said you couldnt beleive a word he said,as he changed it to suit his present company as you implied,its a shame such a fighter and he must have been a brave man to to carry on as he did,even giving a lecture at aKKK meeting ,should end up in such lowly circumstances,reduced to peddling half truths to curious gawkers,I liked the comment one of the interns is supposed to have said on his death in hospital from an auto crash ,the doctor said his injuries and shock had killed Jack,the intern said "injuries yeah,I can beleive that but shock ,no way!you couldnt shock that cat!"
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