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Default Re: Larry Holmes vs. Evander Holyfield 1992

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan
I think it's more accurate to simply say Holmes didn't have the legs anymore. The savvy and instinct were still there, which allowed him to potshot pretty effectively, and pick off and block a number of punches, but a sustained effort was out of the question at that point. His guile, savvy, and experience were enough to hold off a smaller, less skilled, and less experienced guy like Holyfield, but at that stage, that's about all he could do.
Holyfield was in his prime in 1992. I recently saw some of Holyfield fights with Cooper, Foreman, and Douglas, and my conclusion was Holyfield slowed down a bit in the mid 1990’s, and was in clear decline when he first meet Lennox Lewis.

While Holyfield defeated Holmes, I think this fight showed us that a good boxer like Holmes could land on Holyfield. Holmes was a master boxer. Holmes problem was he was too old ( 42 ) to throw enough punches to win a match vs a prime Holyfield. Holyfield won the fight 8-4, or 7-4-1 on my archived card. At one point in the fight, Holmes managed to cut Holyfield.

Sometimes in boxing, an older fighter can lose the fight but still prove a point. Foreman, and Tyson did not do as well vs Holyfield. I think Holmes did better than most thought he could do. He proved his point even if he did not win the fight.

It’s a pity most in boxing fail to see the significance of this fight. It had a real impact on Holyfield’s career. After the Holmes fight, the top trainers noted what Holmes could do. Then Bowe, Moorer, and Lewis used similar game plans to defeat Holyfield.
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