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Default Re: good gym bad area

Originally Posted by Kenny
hahah, what's your idea of a bad area????? I've been to many area's of NYC were people shoot guns off for fun......forget about it, night time rolls around and you got the real punks on the street and if this area is anything like the areas I'm, talking about, then YES you could get shot...
as far as getting mugged if he doesn't have valuables??? Valuables to real street people are the tee shirt on his back, the sneakers on his feet, whatever is in his gym bag....
Where are you from, Iowa???? you don't really know too much about city life.

Oh yeah, these PUNKS do not fight either so don't say, "get tough" or whatever you said...they simply shoot, stab ya...that's "hey ya wanna box", hahaha...

I've been to areas that aren't great areas to train at night like Little haiti in Miami and it's fine....there is some crime but it aint bad and people are generally ok to white guys, but these other areas I'm talking about are not good areas for a white guy to hang out late at night....simple as that.

Be smart...train in the afternoon if you train there and park where all the other guys in the gym park...that's the best you can do and you'l probably be ok, but if it's truely a bad area then train in another gym...there are great gyms in ok areas.
actually i am from england manchester iam not american idiot and we do have are fair share a bad areas most likely more of a **** hole than most places in america brits back me up.
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