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Default Re: good gym bad area

Originally Posted by RockOn33
so according to this, to get thru a bad neighborhood in NY, u need to be black! i dont remeber who the starter of this thread is, but there is ur answer. If ur black, ur ok, if ur white, change ur color.

i have a feeling this person never went to a ghetto, just trying to sound cool online... i dont ge twhy people are proud to be from the ghetto, im proud of being from a middle-class family, i wouldnt be proud of being a low-life thug.
ya couple of the guys here on this forum think there ****ing great because they can sit there and talk shit about someone who doesnt hang out in places where they shouldnt be. like this younghypnotic guy, he cant even spell his words right, there goes another ****ing idiot trying to act tough over a keyboard
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