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Default Re: good gym bad area

Originally Posted by RockOn33
so according to this, to get thru a bad neighborhood in NY, u need to be black! i dont remeber who the starter of this thread is, but there is ur answer. If ur black, ur ok, if ur white, change ur color.

i have a feeling this person never went to a ghetto, just trying to sound cool online... i dont ge twhy people are proud to be from the ghetto, im proud of being from a middle-class family, i wouldnt be proud of being a low-life thug.
ya couple of the guys here on this forum think there ****ing great because they can sit there and talk **** about someone who doesnt hang out in places where they shouldnt be. like this younghypnotic guy, he cant even spell his words right, there goes another ****ing idiot trying to act tough over a keyboard
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