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Default Re: Sizing up Wladimir Klitschko-Alexander Povetkin

I've been watching a lot of Povetkin lately, trying to gauge just how good he is.

His hand speed is under rated. While not the fastest in the world, his handspeed is very deceptive. His chin appears to be at least solid. He hasn't been dropped yet as a pro and I don't think he was ever stopped as an amateur. His power isn't great, but he hits hard enough that his oppontents have to respect it, he isn't a featherfist. But what makes Povetkin so good is three things, his stamina, his workrate, and his toughness. He can fight hard for the entire 12 rounds, something that few HWs can do, especially in todays era of giants. His workrate is also special for a HW and he can simply overwhelm some fighters by volume. His toughness also is impressive, he's the sort of fighter that you're going to have to KEEP down. His overall technique is also near the top of the world from his vast amateur experience. Povetkin can outhustle and outwork MANY of todays top guys.

BUT, he also has weaknesses. His defense is somewhat leaky, Chambers was able to tag him with some big right hands that had Wlad been throwing them would of put Povetkin in serious trouble. He definently needs to tighten up his defenses if he wants to beat Wladimir. His lack of serious power could also hurt him if he's fighting someone else who can fight 12 rounds at a fast pace.

Overall, Povetkin is a legitimate top 3, arguably top 2 in front of Valuev in the world today. I think he is being rushed into a fight with Klitschko though, he should try to gun for the WBC or WBA and gain more experience against elite fighters, before taking on the top dog. I favor Klitschko by mid round KO by hitting Povetkin by big right hands throughout the fight, but Povetkin has the potential to grind Wlad down as well and that's what makes it interesting.
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