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Default Re: Canvas Classics Schedule

Originally Posted by Marcus
That doesnt surprise me, you being from W.A.

You know **** all about the rest of Australia because you are a blind, head up your ass ****s who think Cotto will stop Margarito.

Get off the drugs u beefy fat headed IT nerd.

If i ever see you with your stupid affliction t-shirt on, ill rip it off your back, wipe my ass with it and shove it down your ****in throat.

Have a nice day

Just jealous coz they dont deliver Affliction clothing to Tassie.
U guys only just discovered colour TV's & have not seen the point of setting a mail system.
Im surprised u guys have internet, must be a recent thing.
U wont see me in Tassie anytime soon...not interested in seeing all the inbreeding going on.

BTW Cotto KO Round 9.
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