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Default Re: Hagler - Baddest Mofo of our Era

I'd have to agree with you and go with Marvelous Marvin Hagler

In the ring, he had to take the hard route suffering 2 close decisions and fighting tough Philadelphia middleweights (Watts, Briscoe, Hart) before he could finally secure a title shot. When he became champion, he didn't allow the judges to decide his fights. He cleaned out the middleweight division while racking up 12 title defenses, 11 by knockout. He was an absolute terror in the ring who could rough you up, fight on the inside, fight outside, counterpunch, knock you out, and pehaps take the best shot of any middleweight in history. It's arguable that he was never really knocked down in his entire career. Plus, he was so tough mentally. He wasn't a guy who went around acting like he was the baddest or the toughest or saying he was publically, it just came off naturally with him. I love his quote regarding the Hearns' pinky finger incident - "you know how many people would give a million dollars for that little baby pinky? They'd cut that thing off."

The total package - truly a bad mofo!
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