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Default Re: Could ANYONE Have Outboxed Marciano?

Originally Posted by cross_trainer
I think that, judging from the only film that exists of Corbett in a long fight, he fought at a lower pace--especially considering that the account of the fight I read claimed he was "fighting too fast". Against Jackson, who was a skilled, powerful counterpuncher like Fitz, he would probably have fought at a reasonable but not exceptional pace.

True, but Kilrain was not put away, and Sullivan took a 20+ round beating before going down from exhaustion. Corbett did knock Fitz down, but it wasn't a 10-count and Fitz was a were Choynski and Mitchell, who were his other best knockouts. He may have hit hard enough to sting you when he wanted to, but I get the feeling that Rocky won't have much trouble taking his punches.

Yes, he was good at hitting you as he was coming in. I just see Rocky's physicality and unexpectedly high workrate taking its toll. Corbett's skills may be good in the clinches, but it was never his "best strategy". Much of his energy would have to go into controlling Rocky, who I believe to be the physically stronger, more active man as well as the harder hitter.
Corbett was dropped and stopped by a body shot from a middleweight,abeit a hard hitting one ,what do you think Rockys punches would do to him?
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