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Default Re: Fighters who overcame serious disabilities or illneses to win at a world level

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY
I read about it in the December, 1945 issue of the Ring. The article does not say but I would assume he was shot by the Germans unless other evidence surfaces. It hurts just as much either way.

The article does not go into the extent of his wounds or how he managed to survive 16 bullets at all, which seems a lot to be able to live. I did know a fellow in Nam who survived 18 in the torso. Seems impossible, but he recieved immediate medical care and was rushed by helicopter to a hospital. I only knew the fellow slightly but I was amazed that he pulled through. He is still alive, I understand, and doing well.
Sorry that was a joke in rather poor taste,Im English,there is a wide spread beleif in the UK ,that if you find yourself in Military action alongside our American cousins,you are more in danger from their bullets than the enemies.
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