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Default Re: Hagler - Baddest Mofo of our Era

Originally Posted by redrooster
I'd say Mike was more fearsome outside than inside where he would regularly be taken the distance by mediocrities. Wasn't very impressed with the Biggs fight and Douglas should never have ran him down like that.

Fenech I can go for. A genuine tough guy but what went wrong in the Nelson fight? I thought Nelson was supposed to win the rematch. Guess I was wrong for the first time.

I kind of felt DLH was a bad dude. Never got in a street fight for some reason.

Hagler would be my choice for bad ass with his unlimited power and abilities.

Another choice would be a young Roy Jones with his enormous hand speed.
Jones Jnr and Oscar???
They were both brilliant fighters but they weren't bad ****s in any way shape or form.
Jones spoke at length about never wanting to hurt an opponent in the ring and showed compassion towards overmatched foes on numerous occasions.He was apparently punching the ring apron screaming for the fight to be stopped when calling the Gabe Ruales-Jimmy Garcia fight,hardly the actions of a badass imo.
De La Hoya was all business in the ring but it was just that for him-business.
He never held personal animosity towards any opponent (maybe Vargas excepted) but his job was to destroy these guys and it's what he tried to do.
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