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Default Re: Antuofermo's chin?

Originally Posted by scartissue
Duodenum, completely agree with your assessment on Vito except for the part of his speed of hand. I feel Vito's hand speed was vastly underrated. If you can beg borrow or steal a copy of his fight with Danny McAloon it may change your opinion. Even in the Hagler fight, when in close those hands moved well. Although I laughed when you mentioned he never threw a straight punch because you are right there. Vito never threw a straight punch in his life. As for his chin, I recall his fight with Cyclone Hart so well. I think it was in the 4th where Hart let loose a ripping left hook and Vito hardly blinked, but then Hart repeated the shot and Vito quivered a little before ripping into Hart. I never thought I would see someone take two full-blooded left hooks from Cyclone Hart and still stand vertical.

I never really focused on Vito's hand speed, so much as I did his subtle defensive head movements. It's very well known that after his first match with Hagler, veteran boxing writer Bob Waters reviewed that bout on videotape and claimed that Antuofermo won 11 of the 15 rounds. While viewing a match on videotape can be vastly different from watching the live action from ringside, I did take a very close look at a replay of that war, and could see how Vito would swivel his chin from side to side, preventing Marv from hitting him flush on the head.

Judging a match accurately requires a recognition of the subtlties and discernment of the finer intricacies involved in ring generalship. As judges only seem attracted to the most obvious apparencies in this lamentable era, perhaps it's time to restore the no decision mandate for boxing contests, and get rid of points scoring. Then, the triumph of substance over style will once again be truly restored, and boxing will once again be a genuine competition, where the best have mastered the authentic art of self defense, rather than subjective showmanship for a prejudiced panel of three.
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