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Default Re: Hagler - Baddest Mofo of our Era

Originally Posted by Muchmoore
Tyson was as rough and tough as they come. The way he acted, the way he looked, and the way he destroyed fighter after fighter for years definently made him a bad mofo. Tyson was legitimately tough, Buster Douglas WHUPPED him for 8 rounds and with Tysons eye completely swelled up he rallies to drop Douglas. He took his beating as good as anyone could of. Ruddock also hit him with monster punches and he walked through them like nothing.

.............Perhaps we should chalk this up to different definitions of "bad mofo." I define it as a fighter with equal parts toughness in physical, emotional, and mental arenas. You seem to define it as some snarling guy who scroes a bunch of knockouts.

I'll just ask this; can you picture Hagler caving and biting the ear off an opponent? That was a huge sign of weakness.
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