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Default Re: Hagler - Baddest Mofo of our Era

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan
.............Perhaps we should chalk this up to different definitions of "bad mofo." I define it as a fighter with equal parts toughness in physical, emotional, and mental arenas. You seem to define it as some snarling guy who scroes a bunch of knockouts.

I'll just ask this; can you picture Hagler caving and biting the ear off an opponent? That was a huge sign of weakness.
That was Tyson after he went to jail and was way more mentally unstable than the 80s Tyson. Tyson after jail was considerably more crazy and unstable than the 80s one who was a bad mofo.

A bad mofo is a tough, rough guy who is going to try to take your head off and not going to get derailed. Being a bit of a thug also plays a part.

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