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Default Re: Can't gain weight. ..

Originally Posted by Executioner
I've just turned 16 and I weigh like 150 pounds. Which I don't like, I'd like to be 155 or so. Last year at this time I was 148 pounds, and as of a few months ago, I was between 155 and 158.

Now, it seems no matter what I do; eat a lot, drink a lot of water, it doesn't do **** all to my body. Nothing.

any tips I can use for gaining?
Drink alot of water????

Water does nothing for weight gaining. Drink milk, milk shakes whatever.

Corned beef hash is great, rice, noodles, bananas, all of these are cheap food that packs on pounds easily. And most importantly try to eat around 6 meals a day as your goal.
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