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Default Re: what where the 10 greatest upsets in boxing history?

Originally Posted by Luigi1985
It wasn´t a real surprise under the real experts. Sullivan was in overweight and old, Corbett on the other side was skills-wise 2 leagues above and young and hungry...

but I agree, in general a big upset...
it was a big upset but in later eyes you could tell that sullivan is a london prize fighter not a marques fighter corbett used the rules to his advantages and won at the time sullivan was a dempsey or tyson like figure. he was a man of brute strength and bad intentions.

corbett was the sugar ray clay jones jr of his day and won like a boxer should do.

big upset but it was an old fighter vs a young very skilled fighter.

and for all the other fights a upset doesnt mean that a man is shot or isnt prime like tyson vs holyfield or lewis rahman.
it's the general publics opinion that one man is gonna win. dempsey tunney was a big upset so was the 2nd (dempsey was still the favorite for the rematch) but in later years we notice how old, ring rusted and undertrained he was.
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