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Default Re: ESB Essay Writing Competition: Comparing fighters from different eras

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Boxing, like society, is under influence of constant changes. In the 19th century the transition was made from bareknuckle to gloved boxing and it didn't end there. The number of rounds has been reduced, the glove size changed and a "neutral corner" rule was added to name a few.

In Jack Johnson's days, boxing consisted for a large part of wrestling and in-fighting. Today, boxing consists for a large part of fighting on the outside and putting combinations together.

Can a fight like Joe Jeannette KO49 Sam McVey be compared to Ali vs Frazier I, or Holyfield vs Bowe I ? Certainly not, but all of those are legendary fights in their own way.

Much like that, some fighters in my opinion cannot be compared in a pure head-to-head sense because of the changes in the sport. But a fighter's legacy based on who he beat and how he beat them, can certainly be compared over the years. Marciano's legendary 49-0 is still standing 50 years later as well as Joe Louis' record for number of title defenses.

Clearly, even though the rules of boxing changed, legacies can still be assessed accurately and compared with one and other.

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