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Default Re: top 5 Heavy/Achievement

Originally Posted by Street Lethal
It's a good list, but I want to take issue with one thing. Holyfield was not four-time world champion. He was two-time world champion. He won belts, but he did not hold the world championship more than two times, and I think you should recognize that. Muhammad Ali is the only three-time world heavyweight champion, and his record should stand until it really is broken.

This isn't a big deal, but you might also want to note that Ali defended his title 19 times, which is second only to Joe Louis, and Ali's title defenses were against much better opposition.
If Ali was a 3 time champion, then Holyfield was a 4 time champion. When Ali beat Foreman, he only won ONE belt. When he beat Spinks in the rematch, he only won ONE belt-the other had been given to Norton.
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