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Default Re: top 5 Heavy/Achievement

Originally Posted by NickHudson
Fair enough,

I concede that Lewis has a MUCH more solid record on paper than little Floyd. But the story doesnt quite end there. After all there are lies, damn lies etc...

I think a closer ****ysis of their two careers brings them somewhat closer together than others on the forum would have it. I am writing this because LL is considered top5 or even 3, whereas Patterson struggles to make top20. I dont think this is reasonable.

I wanted to align Pattersons 2 most notable losses with Lewis's two losses as a stand alone comparison. I think that Pattersons are MUCH more excusable given the opposition. There is no comparison between 1962/63 Liston and McCall and Rahman.

Also, Johansson was a known banger and that particular loss was avenged twice. The first vengeance including the supreme left hook of twitching foot fame. Surely one of the greatest return match comebacks ever?

Two other losses came to '65 and '72 Ali who beats everyone else in the top10 save arguably Frazier and Louis? I mean, what would have happened if LL had faced both '65 and '72 Ali, seven years apart in his career (say '92 and '99)?

As for the Maxim loss, it was highly debatable. ALL ELEVEN newspaper correpondents scored the fight for 19 year old Patterson. Interesting to compare this to Lewis's fight with Mercer, which could easily have been scored in Mercers favour although I know that it wasnt...

Of course Patterson has two more less excusable (points) losses to Quarry and Ellis. But then again, LL never faced the 3 top guys in his era when it mattered, the early 90s. I would bet he would rake up at least 1 more loss against those 3, and if he faced each twice. hmmmm - maybe a couple more losses.

Come on fellas, give little Floyd some more respect.

Four of his fights were '62 Liston, '63 Liston, '65 Ali and '72 Ali. How many other TOP20 HWs would score 0-4 against that lineup? A lot!
I have seen the entire film of the Maxim fight and I disagree. I bumped a thread in which John Garfield, who was at ringside, comments that he thought Maxim won.

By the way, I remember reading a biography of Patterson back in the early sixties and no claim was made that this was a terrible decision. Has anyone done any original reseach on what the ringside reporters thought? This unanimous opinion could be an urban legend. Tommy Loughran, the ****yst on the TV tape which exists, did not question the decision at all.
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