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Default Re: top 5 Heavy/Achievement

Originally Posted by torchkit
You're obviously one of those "linear champion" afficianados. There's no other way you can credit Ali with 3 championship reigns while denying Holyfield his 4. Also, since Holmes/Frazier was not sanctioned by the IBF and was only scheduled for 10 rounds, the only "championship" that could have changed hands was the ethereal and spurious "linear" version.
Gene Tunney won the heavyweight championship in a 10 round fight. The rematch with Dempsey, which was a title fight, was also scheduled for 10 rounds. Lots of championship fights were scheduled for 10 rounds. The number of rounds has nothing to do with it. With your argument anybody can be heavyweight champion if some acronym creates a belt for them.

Larry Holmes was the champion of the world. You can't take that away from the man by talking about belts he wore or didn't wear.
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